1010 Midtown Holds Town Hall Meeting

1010 Midtown Atlanta Condominiums

As we reviewed our various Google search terms, we found this interesting article (actually appears to be a Press Release base don the fact that we found it at PRWEb.com (and this is a link to the actual article) Having 100 residents show up to an event like this says tons about the community and […]

Georgia Tech Off Campus Housing | Cornerstone Village

GATech Parents Buy Condo

As a parent of a GATech student, you may be wondering about what the options are for Georgia Tech Off Campus Housing. An you may especially be wondering if purchasing a condo for your student is a wise decision. Hmmm…. Georgia Tech Off Campus Housing | Cornerstone Village Cornerstone Village is the best, and most […]

Atlanta Streets Alive Comes to Midtown Sunday, May 18, 2014 2-6pm

Midtown Atlanta Streets Alive May 18 2014

It’s not every day that you see streets in Atlanta not filled with the ever present automobile. Unless you live in a neighborhood like Midtown Atlanta, it’s pretty hard NOT to have a car and get around. But, we are making strides in getting the urban core of Atlanta to be more transit-oriented, as well […]

Should I Buy A Midtown Atlanta Condo Now….Or Wait?

2013 Real Estate Prices

As a real estate professional, I’m asked….almost daily…about the real estate market. What’s going on, what’s happening, and the often big question….Should I Buy A Midtown Atlanta Condo Now…or Wait? Well, let’s take a look at the numbers from the latest Corelogic Case-Shiller Indexes…. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reported: Metro Atlanta’s housing market continued to […]

West Midtown Restaurants | Yeah Burger West Midtown

Midtown West Restaurants

Last evening brought together a great outdoor (well it did get moved inside due to the rain) event with the Atlanta Film Festival and the Westside Provisions District and an opportunity to sample a new restaurant, Yeah Burger! Ok it may not be “new” but it was my first time there! Busy, busy, busy would certainly […]

Midtown Atlanta Market Report | March 2014

Midtown Atlanta Market Report | March 2014 It takes time to gather all these numbers indeed~ But it’s still important information for any Buyer or Seller looking or living in Midtown Atlanta! The Midtown Atlanta Market Report covers 27 major condominium communities located in Midtown and West Midtown! As you can imagine, it takes a […]

Metropolis Midtown Atlanta | Midtown Atlanta Condos

Metropolis Midtown Atlanta Pool

Metropolis Midtown Atlanta | Midtown Atlanta Condos I’ve been selling Midtown Atlanta condos since 2004. Not only does that mean I have a pretty healthy knowledge of the Midtown real estate market, I’ve seen almost every condo building that exists be built from the ground up. (high rise buildings that is….) Metropolis Midtown Atlanta was […]

Does Apple Consider The Midtown Mile a “Bad Apple?”

apple macbook

For those of us that live, work and play in Midtown Atlanta, you know we have restaurants on every corner….and in between. No shortage of those! (Some of them also seem to come and go before we even get a chance to sample them…i.e. La Tagliatella in Metropolis!) One of the components that just seems […]

Atlanta Home Prices Higher, But Fewer For Sale

Atlanta Home Prices rising

Atlanta home prices ARE on the rise…..But there are fewer homes for sale. In some Midtown Atlanta condo buildings, there may be as little as one or two homes for sale….and in some cases there is NOTHING listed for sale! So, if you see homes listed for more than the recent comps, that would be […]

Midtown Atlanta Condos | How Long Do We Have To Pay The HOA Fee?

condo hoa fees

Blog post topics often come from questions that I get from a Buyer during the process of looking at Midtown Atlanta condos.  Today’s topic is not so much a question as a statement made by a Buyer. So it got me to thinking…. How long do you need to put gas in your car? How […]