Giving Agents Access to Your Condo

Selling Your Midtown Condo

Blog posts are most often the result of personal experience. As a real estate broker, we see it all. And sometimes we don’t. When I list Midtown Atlanta Condos for sale, there is a place in the listing where you can list the owner’s name. This might be done if they personally want to schedule […]

Downsizing From a House to a Midtown Atlanta Condo

Downsizing to a Condo

Congratulations!!!  You have shipped the last kid off to college! (Admit it, despite being sad to see them go, you are kinda ecited about having the place all to yourselves now. But wait? What are we going to do with 3500 square feet of house for just the two of us? We still have to clean […]

Cornerstone Village | Midtown Atlanta Market Report | July, 2014

Cornerstone Village Market Report July 2014

Cornerstone Village has always been the Midtown Mile “value” condominium building for buyers looking in Midtown Atlanta. And while it still is, you can quickly see from this Market Report that prices, especially for a two-bedroom home has climbed dramatically in the last year! Cornerstone Village | Midtown Atlanta Market Report | July, 2014 There […]

Is The Metro Atlanta Home Inventory That Low?

Is Atlanta real estate inventory low

Let’s face it, real estate kind of makes the world go around. After all, it was the real estate bubble that sent the entire economy into a tail spin. And it is the rise of the housing market that will also help move the economy forward. Just think, as more homes, condos (or in the […]

Who Does The Closing Attorney Represent?

Buyers Agent for Midtown Atlanta Condos

This is not a bad question, and one I’m often asked! Purchasing a home or condominium will be one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime, and you want to know things are being done right. Who Does The Closing Attorney Represent? This is the perfect time to point out that real estate […]

Where Can I Buy Furniture for My Midtown Atlanta Condo | IKEA

IKEA Atlanta at Atlantic Station

Where Can I Buy Furniture for My Midtown Atlanta Condo | IKEA Congratulations! You’ve closed on your new Midtown Atlanta condo, and you are moving in. As you moved out of that old rental apartment, you started to toss! I mean, I’ve got a new place! I want NEW stuff! I want it to be […]

Brickworks Inman Park Loft For Sale | 2/2 $299,500

Brickworks Inman Park

Brickworks Inman Park Loft — Beltline Perfect Location! If you’ve been looking for the perfect Intown location, and wanting something that is not a traditional high-rise, you’ve found it! Check out this awesome 2-level loft, located just feet from the Beltline Trail, and walking distance to the new Krog Street Market, Inman Park and the […]

Do You Know If Your HOA is Healthy?


Healthy? What? Do I have to get a doctor for my Homeowners Association? Well the answer to that is….maybe. So what exactly do I mean by “Do You Know If Your HOA is Healthy?” Let’s approach this from the perspective that you own a condo and are going to place it on the market For […]

Should I Buy A Midtown Atlanta Condo Now….Or Wait?

2013 Real Estate Prices

As a real estate professional, I’m asked….almost daily…about the real estate market. What’s going on, what’s happening, and the often big question….Should I Buy A Midtown Atlanta Condo Now…or Wait? Well, let’s take a look at the numbers from the latest Corelogic Case-Shiller Indexes…. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reported: Metro Atlanta’s housing market continued to […]

Midtown Atlanta Condos For Sale |But Are They Really?

Man sick in bed

As a real estate broker and blogger, I most often like to write my own content. If you know me, you can pretty quickly tell a lot about me just from my writing style. I tell it like it is, but all too often in a nice way. (That’s my hospitality training that has been […]