More Atlanta Renters Looking to Homeownership in 2015

Buying A House

More renters are looking to become homeowners in 2015, but it won’t be without some challenges. The Zillow Housing Confidence Index has indicated that Atlanta’s renters are more confident about the housing market, and some 130,000 plan to buy a home this year. That’s all well and good, but here are some challenges: Lack of […]

Atlanta Condos For Sale | Park Towers Sandy Springs


There are not many high-rise condominium options when you get outside of Midtown or Buckhead. Most of your condominium construction ends up being of the mid-rise variety, meaning 5-8 stories. But if you are looking to be in the Perimeter area, and want high-rise living, then Park Towers Sandy Springs is an option! Atlanta Condos […]

Atlanta Real Estate to outperform rest of United States

MyMidtownMojo Sells Viewpoint Midtown Atlanta

Atlanta Real Estate to outperform rest of the United States The Atlanta real estate market is brisk and most metrics indicate positive growth. The seller’s market continues and Atlanta will likely out-perform the rest of the country in both value growth and unit volume. The intown market has experienced the greatest appreciation, with many communities […]

When Should I Sell My Atlanta Condo?

Buying Midtown Condos

In real estate, I often wish I had a crystal ball. It would make it so much easier for myself and everyone of my clients. I could just look into it, glance up and say, “List your condo on March 2, 2015 at 1:45pm and a Buyer will find in 10 minutes later and it […]

Mercedes Benz Selects Sandy Springs Site for 12-Acre Campus

Mercedes Benz Atlanta Headquarters Sandy Springs

Mercedes Benz Selects Sandy Springs Site for 12-Acre Campus Mercedes Benz, the well-known German luxury auto maker has selected a site in Sandy Springs off of Abernathy Road and GA400 as the site for their new Atlanta headquarters. The land is part of two larger tracts that straddle Abernathy road and Glenridge Road. According to […]

1065 Midtown Atlanta Apartments to Convert to Condos

1065 Midtown Condominiums

1065 Midtown Atlanta Apartments to Convert to Condos 1065 Midtown Atlanta, aptly named because its address is 1065 Peachtree Street and sits atop the Loews’ Midtown Atlanta Hotel, are going condo! The condominiums were turned rental when the market went South. Now that prices are rebounding, the current owner of the apartments, TriBridge Residential are […]

Will Seventh Midtown Block My View at Viewpoint Midtown?

Seventh Midtown Building Location

As a real estate broker that specializes in Midtown Atlanta real estate, a question that comes up more often than not is, “Will my view stay like this?” And this question comes when we are looking out the windows, or better yet, standing on the balcony. When a construction crane is in sight…..all the more! […]

Atlanta Federal Reserve Lockhart sees interest rate hike by middle of the year

Midtown Atlanta Real Estate Questions

Have you been sitting on the “real estate fence?” “Should I buy or should I wait?” Well, the Atlanta Federal Reserve has spoken….and there is almost certainty that interest rates will rise at some point in 2015. In an address to the Rotary Club of Atlanta, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President and CEO, Dennis […]

Top 10 School Districts in Atlanta GA

Metro Atlanta Top 10 Schools

As a real estate broker, I’m often asked about schools. Since I don’t have children (and even if I did) I always advise my clients to do their own research into schools. What may be important to one parent, may not be important to the next, right? Top 10 School Districts in Atlanta GA But […]

Can I Afford a Mortgage In Atlanta?

Buyers Agent for Midtown Atlanta Condos

When you search for your new, or next, home or condo, there are probably two¬†major things to consider….The house/condo itself, and your ability to buy it. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other things to look at, from location, to schools, amenities, the condition, maintenance, etc. But all of these things circle around¬†finding the […]