Will Seventh Midtown Block My View at Viewpoint Midtown?

Seventh Midtown Building Location

As a real estate broker that specializes in Midtown Atlanta real estate, a question that comes up more often than not is, “Will my view stay like this?” And this question comes when we are looking out the windows, or better yet, standing on the balcony. When a construction crane is in sight…..all the more! […]

Atlanta Federal Reserve Lockhart sees interest rate hike by middle of the year

Midtown Atlanta Real Estate Questions

Have you been sitting on the “real estate fence?” “Should I buy or should I wait?” Well, the Atlanta Federal Reserve has spoken….and there is almost certainty that interest rates will rise at some point in 2015. In an address to the Rotary Club of Atlanta, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President and CEO, Dennis […]

Top 10 School Districts in Atlanta GA

Metro Atlanta Top 10 Schools

As a real estate broker, I’m often asked about schools. Since I don’t have children (and even if I did) I always advise my clients to do their own research into schools. What may be important to one parent, may not be important to the next, right? Top 10 School Districts in Atlanta GA But […]

Can I Afford a Mortgage In Atlanta?

Buyers Agent for Midtown Atlanta Condos

When you search for your new, or next, home or condo, there are probably two major things to consider….The house/condo itself, and your ability to buy it. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other things to look at, from location, to schools, amenities, the condition, maintenance, etc. But all of these things circle around finding the […]

Midtown Atlanta Condos | Viewpoint Midtown Atlanta

Viewooint Midtown Atlanta Condominium

With no significant new condo construction on the horizon (literally) in Midtown Atlanta, buyers will be looking at re-sale homes when looking to buy a Midtown condo. One of those options is Viewpoint Midtown Atlanta! Viewpoint Midtown Atlanta Sitting proudly on Peachtree Street, between 6th and 7th Streets, Viewpoint Midtown was one of the last […]

You Think Mortgage Payments are Expensive Now? Think Again!

Mortgage Rate History

My parents sold real estate in Montana (yes that’s where I was born and raised!) in the 1980’s and early 90’s until my Dad passed away suddenly. They worked side-by-side every day, and when he died my Mom could just not handle going to the office without him and stopped selling. I look back at […]

West Midtown Atlanta — It’s Happening And MORE!

West Midtown White Provision

If only I’d  had the foresight to buy some old warehouse  in the district that is now West Midtown Atlanta! Because now, the entire area is HOT, HOT, HOT!! And there appears to be no end in sight! I’m currently working with a Buyer looking in the area, so it’s got me spending more time on […]

What Does The Closing Attorney Do? | Clearing Title

real estate closing in georgia

The closing process in real estate varies from state to state. In Georgia, we use closing attorney’s to complete the real estate sale. Other states use title companies. Very similar here. The closing attorney does not represent the Buyer OR the Seller in the process, but the lender. They complete all the documents as required by your […]

What’s My Tuscany Condo Worth? September 2014 Update

What's My Tuscany condo Worth?

Tuscany Condominiums, located at the corner of Juniper and 10th Streets are convenient to Piedmont Park and the commercial corner of 10th and Piedmont! There was some good activity in this community in September with six homes going Under Contract. Tuscany is attractive because of it’s still affordable pricing, but as you can see below, […]

Do I need a Home Inspection on a Midtown Atlanta Condo?

Homeownership survival skills

A home inspection is a critical part of the process when you buy a home. What’s that saying…”don’t leave home without it.” (That would be American Express…but it still rings true here!) There is a difference in home inspections on a single family home versus a condominium. So does that mean you should or should […]