Luxury Living at Luxe Midtown Atlanta

Luxe Midtown Atlanta

When first marketed, the  original sales brochure called it, ”Luxe at First Sight.” And indeed, Luxe Midtown Atlanta is the first new high rise construction near Piedmont Park since 1988 when Ansley Above the Park was built. There has been other condominium construction close to the park, but not a high rise like Luxe Midtown […]

Downsizing From a House to a Midtown Atlanta Condo

Downsizing to a Condo

Congratulations!!!  You have shipped the last kid off to college! (Admit it, despite being sad to see them go, you are kinda ecited about having the place all to yourselves now. But wait? What are we going to do with 3500 square feet of house for just the two of us? We still have to clean […]

Cornerstone Village | Midtown Atlanta Market Report | July, 2014

Cornerstone Village Market Report July 2014

Cornerstone Village has always been the Midtown Mile “value” condominium building for buyers looking in Midtown Atlanta. And while it still is, you can quickly see from this Market Report that prices, especially for a two-bedroom home has climbed dramatically in the last year! Cornerstone Village | Midtown Atlanta Market Report | July, 2014 There […]

Midtown Discounts and Deals from Midtown Alliance

Midtown Alliance Member Discounts

One of the great things about life and living in Midtown Atlanta is the food! If you are not partial to messing up your nice condo kitchen, you will LOVE living in Midtown Atlanta! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee…you can find them all just outside your door! And how about all those opportunities at […]

Viewpoint Midtown |Midtown Atlanta Market Report |July 2014

Viewpoint Midtown Market Report July 2014

Viewpoint Midtown |Midtown Atlanta Market Report |July 2014 Viewpoint Midtown was the last of the Novare-built condominium buildings in Midtown. (They have now turned to mass production of the Skyhouse Apartment building!) But the building did learn from it’s older sisters and the amenities package as well as the finishes in the condominium homes themselves […]

Spire Midtown |Midtown Atlanta Market Report| July, 2014

Spire Midtown Atlanta Market Report

Spire Midtown Atlanta was the second of the three Novare “sister” buildings built in Midtown. The first was Metropolis, then Spire and finally Viewpoint. Spire Midtown is a popular choice for Midtown Atlanta condo buyers! Midtown Atlanta Market Report |Spire Midtown| July, 2014 Let’s look at the activity in Spire for July…. ACTIVE LISTINGS (8) […]

1010 Midtown Holds Town Hall Meeting

1010 Midtown Atlanta Condominiums

As we reviewed our various Google search terms, we found this interesting article (actually appears to be a Press Release base don the fact that we found it at (and this is a link to the actual article) Having 100 residents show up to an event like this says tons about the community and […]

Where Can I Buy Furniture for My Midtown Atlanta Condo | IKEA

IKEA Atlanta at Atlantic Station

Where Can I Buy Furniture for My Midtown Atlanta Condo | IKEA Congratulations! You’ve closed on your new Midtown Atlanta condo, and you are moving in. As you moved out of that old rental apartment, you started to toss! I mean, I’ve got a new place! I want NEW stuff! I want it to be […]

Georgia Tech Off Campus Housing – Cornerstone Village Condominiums

Georgia Tech Off Campus Housing

As students prepare to finish up the Spring Semester at Georgia Tech, they will be thinking about their housing options for the coming Fall semester. And so will their parents. As I’ve talked before, many Georgia Tech parents will be looking at the housing options, and costs for their son or daughter. One option might […]

Midtown Atlanta Market Report | March 2014

Midtown Atlanta Market Report | March 2014 It takes time to gather all these numbers indeed~ But it’s still important information for any Buyer or Seller looking or living in Midtown Atlanta! The Midtown Atlanta Market Report covers 27 major condominium communities located in Midtown and West Midtown! As you can imagine, it takes a […]