Condominium Maintenance — Did You Know?

Condominium Maintenance Tips

I find that many people that live a condominium life-style, take maintenance issues for granted. If you’ve owned a single family home, but then moved to a condo, you sometimes think, “Wow, no more lawn to mow, no more AC system to service, etc.” And there is also a HUGE mistaken idea that because you […]

How Involved Is The Landlord In The Atlanta Home or Condo Rental Process?

How Involved is the Landlord in the Rental Process

When a landlord/property owner contacts us about renting their Atlanta home or condominium, there is often a concern as to how involved the landlord is in the rental process. Once you have your Atlanta home or Condominium ready to rent, here are the next steps: Sign the Exclusive Lease Listing Agreement with us Provide us […]

How Long Does It Take To Find a Tenant For My Atlanta Home or Condo For Rent?

How Long Does it Take To Find a Tenant?

When we work with our landlord clients, one of the first questions we are often asked is, “How Long Does It Take To Find A Tenant?” That question actually has several answers. First and foremost, it is the goal of Thomas Ramon Realty to find you a desirable tenant as quickly as possible. Note, we […]

How Do I Rent My Atlanta Home (Part 2)

How do I Rent My Atlanta Home

In my last post about How Do I Rent My Atlanta Home, we talked about what you need to do on the inside of your home to make it sparkle and shine to a prospective tenant. But first impressions go a long way in both buying and renting your home. And that first impression starts […]

How Do I Rent My Atlanta Home?

There can be any number of reasons that you need to rent your Atlanta home. Whether it’s a job transfer, inability to sell your home for the price you need, or maybe you have taken advantage of the market and purchased an investment property. Whatever the reason, now you are asking, How Do I Rent […]

Why Don’t Real Estate Agents call me back about a Rental?

midtown atlanta rentals, atlanta homes for rent

It is not so much that I have been directly asked why don’t real estate agents call me back about a rental. It is probably more about YOUR behavior as a potential renter that gets you no return phone calls. Let me tell you about your behavior as a potential renter. You scour the Internet […]

Broker Rental Referral Fees. What Difference Do They Make?

Atlanta Homes For Rent

So you’ve decided to rent your Atlanta home or condominium? What Difference does the Broker Rental Referral Fee Make in renting my home? Do you remember the line from Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she walks back into the store on Rodeo Drive where the clerk would not help her? “Excuse me, do you […]