Atlanta Real Estate to outperform rest of United States

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Atlanta Real Estate to outperform rest of the United States The Atlanta real estate market is brisk and most metrics indicate positive growth. The seller’s market continues and Atlanta will likely out-perform the rest of the country in both value growth and unit volume. The intown market has experienced the greatest appreciation, with many communities […]

When Should I Sell My Atlanta Condo?

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In real estate, I often wish I had a crystal ball. It would make it so much easier for myself and everyone of my clients. I could just look into it, glance up and say, “List your condo on March 2, 2015 at 1:45pm and a Buyer will find in 10 minutes later and it […]

Atlanta Condos For Sale | Consequences of Overpricing

Overpricing Atlanta Condos For Sale

Everyone wants top dollar when they sell their home or condo. Every little bit the price is lowered comes right out of your pocket….I get that as your real estate agent. But when we sit down during our listing consultation and talk price, there is something to be said when we overprice your home. There ARE […]

Midtown Atlanta Condos For Sale | How Can I Improve My Condo’s Value?

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When I meet with prospective Sellers, part of our discussion is always about what they can do to make their condo “stand out” from the rest. Even in a market when inventory may be limited, if your condo does not show well…well it won’t sell well! But let’s rewind to when you first bought it. […]

Atlanta Condos For Sale | How Do I Select a Broker?

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You are about to embark on one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Buying or selling your Atlanta Condo! Whether you are a first-time buyer or first-time seller, or you have done this numerous times….having a team on your side is the most important part. And so is the Team Captain…your real estate […]

Atlanta Condos For Sale | When Should I Sell?

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A question I’m asked almost daily….”Is it a good time to sell?” When Should I Sell?” Sometimes this can be a more personal question, and other times, a more financial question. Atlanta Condos For Sale | When Should I Sell? Personal– time to downsize, a change of scenery or other life changing event might meant […]

What Does The Closing Attorney Do? | Clearing Title

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The closing process in real estate varies from state to state. In Georgia, we use closing attorney’s to complete the real estate sale. Other states use title companies. Very similar here. The closing attorney does not represent the Buyer OR the Seller in the process, but the lender. They complete all the documents as required by your […]

Do I need a Home Inspection on a Midtown Atlanta Condo?

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A home inspection is a critical part of the process when you buy a home. What’s that saying…”don’t leave home without it.” (That would be American Express…but it still rings true here!) There is a difference in home inspections on a single family home versus a condominium. So does that mean you should or should […]

What’s My Plaza Midtown Condo Worth? September 2014 Update

What's My Plaza Midtown Condo Worth

What’s My Plaza Midtown Condo Worth? Plaza Midtown is a unique living opportunity in Midtown Atlanta! Why? It’s the ONLY Midtown Atlanta condo building where you can ride the elevator right to the grocery store…Publix! Pretty awesome when it’s 15 degrees in January! but our September Market Report for Plaza Midtown Atlanta has some interesting […]

What’s My Cornerstone Village Home Worth? September 2014 Update

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While prices have certainly gone up, the seem to have stabilized this month at Cornerstone Village. But if you were fortunate to have purchased during the down market, or a 2 bedroom last year, you’ve seen some incredible price appreciation! What’s My Cornerstone Village Home Worth?     ACTIVE LISTINGS (6) Four 1 Bedrooms ranging […]