Atlanta GA Condo Market Report September 2014

Atlanta Condo Prices Rise 23 Percent

As the heat from the Hotlanta summer rides off into the sunset, and the leaves begin to fall, we also see some changes in the Atlanta GA Condo Market Report for September, 2014. While New Listings and Closed Sales were up slightly, condos going Under Contract (New Pendings) was down from August! There are still […]

But the Listing Has Your Name On It!

How Do I market My Condo For Sale

Daily, we get calls from potential home buyers and renters who have found a listing here at We may get asked a question about that listing that we don’t know, and will reply, “That is not our listing, but we can get the info for you.” And then the next question or statement is… […]

Giving Agents Access to Your Condo

Selling Your Midtown Condo

Blog posts are most often the result of personal experience. As a real estate broker, we see it all. And sometimes we don’t. When I list Midtown Atlanta Condos for sale, there is a place in the listing where you can list the owner’s name. This might be done if they personally want to schedule […]

Is The Metro Atlanta Home Inventory That Low?

Is Atlanta real estate inventory low

Let’s face it, real estate kind of makes the world go around. After all, it was the real estate bubble that sent the entire economy into a tail spin. And it is the rise of the housing market that will also help move the economy forward. Just think, as more homes, condos (or in the […]

Do You Look at Your OWN For Sale Listing?

bad listing pictures

That seems like a pretty obvious question, right? But do you? Do You Look at Your OWN Listing? You are selling the single biggest asset you own. (Most likely anyways!) You did your homework, and found agents on-line. Or maybe it was a recommendation from someone in the office. Or your gym. Nothing wrong with […]

Do You Know If Your HOA is Healthy?


Healthy? What? Do I have to get a doctor for my Homeowners Association? Well the answer to that is….maybe. So what exactly do I mean by “Do You Know If Your HOA is Healthy?” Let’s approach this from the perspective that you own a condo and are going to place it on the market For […]

Midtown Atlanta Condos For Sale Under $250,000

Midtown Atlanta Condos For Sale Under $250,000 Once upon a time, in a real estate market far, far away, I used to write about condos For Sale under $100,000. Times and prices in Midtown Atlanta, they have changed. And along comes Midtown Atlanta Condos For Sale Under $250,000!! Midtown condo buildings that once had one-bedrooms […]

Selling Your Midtown Atlanta Condo? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Homeownership survival skills

I would not want to make a statement that the Midtown Atlanta real estate market is “on fire,” but… is pretty hot! Now that we have no new construction condominiums to sell, it is all re-sales. Meaning these condos are owned by…YOU! So, if you are considering making a move, and selling your Midtown Atlanta […]

Selling Midtown Atlanta Condos |No Sign, No Lockbox, Appointment Only


You’ve made the decision to sell your Midtown Atlanta Condo. Awesome! But, are you making it EASY to sell your Midtown Atlanta Condo? Did you ask your Listing Agent that you do not want to have a lockbox at the Concierge Desk or on the door? Did you ask your Listing Agent that all showings […]

Top Ten Midtown Atlanta Condo Buildings for 2013

Top Selling Midtown Condo Buildings

The month of January, 2014 has quickly slipped past us! But it’s not to late to take a look back at 2013 and the…. Top Ten Midtown Atlanta Condo Buildings for 2013 Condominium living in Midtown Atlanta is as varied as the very people that occupy them! From high-rise glass towers to historic buildings, you […]