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Testimonials For Thom Abbott and MyMidtownMojo.com

Dear Prospective Homeowners:

Testimonial For Thom Abbott from Ed Valenti August 17, 2015
Ed Valenti, COO

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Thom Abbott as a real estate agent/ property manager for any individual or family searching to buy their ideal home or sell their existing home in the greater Atlanta area.

Up until the time I sold my Atlanta condo, Thom was my property manager. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to have such a knowledgeable person “on deck” to handle as aspects of my property needs. This was especially important, as I live out of state.

When it came time to sell, Thom was every bit as professional and knowledgeable in handling my listing. From the presentation of the property to utilizing all available real estate tools, nothing was left unattended. I also valued his council as we went thru the offers and counter offers. I never felt neglected or unimportant. He is also highly personable with an engaging personality. Thom was honest about some minor changes that we needed to make in my condo to attract buyers quickly, and his advice worked like a charm. He even arranged the contractors.

As a result, my property sold, and at the price I wanted. A job well done!

I am pleased to recommend Thom Abbott to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He is hands down the best in the business in our opinion and if I ever buy property in Atlanta again, he will be my first choice in real estate agents. If you want to discuss my experience in more detail please feel free to contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Regards, Ed Valenti

In case you are not familiar with who Ed Valenti is, learn more about him here!



Atlanta GA Real Estate Agent Reviews“My wife and I began looking into the Midtown real estate market in the Spring of 2013. We lived in a family subdivision in the Kennesaw area, but we had always loved the Midtown nightlife and all the amenities that Midtown has to offer. We found Thom’s website, “MyMidtownMojo.com”  and were immediatley impressed by the the layout and informative articles. We met up with Thom a few weeks later and he showed us a few high rise units. After more searching and finalizing the selling of our home, we made the leap to Midtown. We have been in love ever since.

Thom is one of a kind, easily the the best real estate agent I have ever worked with before (and I’ve worked with quite a few). He knows Midtown like the back of his hand. But not only does he have a keen sense of the area, but he was very helpful in helping us realize some of the unique things to consider when purchasing a condo such as building amenities, parking availability and future construction plans in neighboring lots. In addition, his insight and years of experience helped provide guidance when making offers on potential homes.

If you are considering property in Midtown Atlanta and you want a realtor who will listen to your needs and help you make a sound decision on you new home and investment, look no further than Thom Abbott and Thomas Ramon Realty @ Palmer House Properties!”

 Kurt and Carolyn


MyMidtownMojo.com Testimonials Dear Potential Home Buyers,

When I was ready to buy a condo I dreaded the process of looking and buying.  I had been using a website called www.mymidtownmojo.com as my primary source for finding condos in my price range and this site seemed to stay updated with all new listings.  I decided to contact the real estate agent who managed this site so I sent in my information and got a call from Thom Abbott within a couple of days.  He asked me questions to learn what I was looking for and to narrow my search.  Once I was ready we started looking.

Thom always returned my calls and emails.  When I found one I was interested in, not only would Thom do his homework searching for all information he could find on the property to prevent me from investing in a condo with high potential for problems and major assessments, he would also visit the place before taking me there to be sure the property was worthy enough to show me.  Thom knew the right people to contact and helped me through the process every step of the way.  If I was confused about anything Thom helped me to understand.

I never felt alone in the entire process and felt as though I had my advocate by my side at all times.  He was there at the closing and he was available even after when I had other questions related to becoming a home owner.  If you are in the market for a realtor who cares about what you want and making your home buying experience hassle free, I highly recommend Thom Abbott.  His knowledge and experience will put you at ease and make home buying a pleasant experience.

Thom thank you for everything you’ve done for me.  It was a real pleasure to work with you!  :-)



Katherine RosenkranzWhenever anyone asks me how I like my condo, I tell them I feel like a princess waking up each morning in her tower. It was never my intention to purchase property so early in life nor to have such an inexplicably perfect home; however, both happened with ease thanks to Thom’s help. From looking at properties and weighing options with lenders and locations all the way to inspections, appraisals and closing: Thom was there every step of the way to guide and educate me on the home buying process. He was prompt to return emails and thorough in explanations.

May my testimony speak to the results of his amazing delivery–I could not be happier with my experiencing buying realestate through Thom. Happy hunting to all buyers and may you find your dream home as I have.

Thom, thank you for making me princess of my own “castle”!


GATech Parents Buy CondoThom Abbott helped us find my daughter, Kara, a great place to live while attending Georgia Tech.

Normally, finding and purchasing a property is stressful and challenging regardless of the circumstance. That stress multiplies when the property is 700 miles away from home and it is for your oldest daughter living away from home for the first time. 

We turned to Thom Abbott as our real estate agent, but his assistance went beyond the typical agent role. He did all the things you would expect from an agent. He knew properties, trends, amenities, and transportation options in Midtown Atlanta. He provided market research and fair market prices and ultimately helped us identify the best property for our budget and needs. 

After the offer was accepted, he provided potential appraisers and home inspectors. Buying for a distance, he accompanied my daughter on the home inspections. In my daughter’s words, “Thom asked the home inspector a lot of questions because he knew my Dad would want answers.” he worked with us to smoothly complete the purchase. 

Once we closed, Thom continued to help. He helped us identify contractors to take care of minor upgrades on the property. We received multiple quotes so we know we got a fair price. Once the contract work started, he stopped in and inspected the work, found potential problems and had the contractor make changes improving the end result. 

He also worked with the condo association to complete our paperwork and helped lease one of our unused parking spaces. Thom Abbott’s assistance made purchasing a condo in Midtown Atlanta a very smooth and easy process. We are very grateful for his help. 

Jim and Carla Boucher





I apologize for this note being so late in coming to you.  I am finally getting settled after my move!

I cannot thank you enough for helping me in buying my first home!   Your help and understanding as I waded through the home buying process were truly instrumental in me feeling so comfortable throughout this experience.  I had always heard nightmare stories about buying a home; deals falling through; questions not asked; and general frustration with the entire situation, but your personal interest in my experience eliminated every apprehension I had when I started looking.  I am so grateful for your time – showing me even the places you knew I would hate-and patience, as I asked what felt like way too many questions.

I am thrilled with my purchase and very much appreciate all that you did to ensure my happiness.

Very truly yours,

 Liz — New Homeowner!!!


Are you moving to Midtown Atlanta and need guidance from an expert in Midtown Real Estate? Spend a few minutes exploring Thom Abbott’s website. You will quickly see that he not only has years of experience, but he has taken his knowledge and organized it in a manner that allows all prospective Midtown Atlanta condo buyers to understand their housing options before they even visit in person.

By first viewing Thom’s website and then talking by phone in advance of our Atlanta visit, our family was able to prioritize condo communities and homes to view. Thom communicated effectively by e-mail and phone throughout the entire process and his website continues to provide numerous resources and practical advice.

My son, husband and I all agree on two things: 1) My son purchased a wonderful Midtown Atlanta condo (Viewpoint Midtown Atlanta) to live in while he obtains his PhD, and 2) Thom Abbott was the prefect broker to assist our family as we navigated the Midtown Atlanta real estate market. Take some time to preview his website, then contact him by phone or email and I know you will agree.

The Cousins’ Family


Mark and Lynn Stewart
“And the Puppies LOVE The Balcony View!”

The decision to buy an investment property in Atlanta was a frightening proposition but, with a Georgia Tech student who was ready to move off campus, it made sense to buy rather than rent. Looking for a condo near the
campus, I stumbled upon this website and we told our son to see if someone could show him a particular condo. He did – and our relationship with Thom was born. 

What can I say about Thom? Well, for starters, Thom “knew his stuff” – and, if there was something he didn’t know, he found out. He knew about the neighborhood, figured out quickly what we were looking for, was patient with all of our questions, serious and otherwise. He listened to our frustrations, offered suggestions, told us it would be okay. And it was. 

And, oh yeah, he made me laugh – which has zero to do with buying real estate – but it sure didn’t hurt. In the  future, if and when we decide to sell, we know who we will call to take care of us – because we know he will!

Thanks, Thom!  We love our Viewpoint condo!!


I was a first time home buyer in Atlanta and Thom was a great help in the whole process.

I basically came in off the street knowing very little about the process and the area, but Thom was able to help me step-by-step. He was very knowledgeable about he area I was looking at, and was able to guide me to properties that were going to be good for me long term. He knew a great deal about all the properties we looked at and was able to give me the pros and cons in terms of buying and selling each one.

He was quick to respond to all my questions and always willing to work around my schedule. Not only that, but he was a generally good guy to work with and made the whole experience run smoothly.

Andy G.   (Purchased at Cosmopolitan at Lindbergh)


Jennifer and Rod
“We LOVE having a Pool!”

I am writing to let you known about the wonderful service we received from Thom Abbott. He made the stressful task of relocating to another state much easier from the very beginning. When we first met Thom, we only had one weekend to look for a new home, and I had given a very general description of what kind of place we were looking for. Knowing nothing about the Atlanta area, Thom was prepared with a bound booklet and mapped route of all the places we would see that first day, and despite the August heat, we looked at about 15 properties. None of those really fit the bill, so that evening Thom did more research and found the perfect neighborhood and the perfect house on the second day-with a pool to boot! Thom really picked up on what type of property we wanted, despite rather nebulous instructions on our part. We are completely satisfied with it all – location, house, neighbors, the works!

During the closing process, Thom gave excellent service by communicating exactly what we needed to do and sign; and after many pages of faxes the closing went off without a hitch! It felt more like an afternoon with friends than a real estate closing!

Shortly after moving, we experienced several minor disasters – a car accident and a hot water heater malfunction resulting in a flooded downstairs with ruined flooring. I took Thom up on his offer to call him with any questions anytime; and he directed me to several good repair shops to remedy the car situation. He also answered my questions about insurance coverage regarding the needed repairs to the house due to the water damage; and, most importantly, gave me directions to the nearest Lowe’s so that I was able to get the problem resolved in short order.

Again, we just want to thank Thom for all the great service we have received
since moving to Atlanta. We can’t say enough good things and would certainly pass along Thom’s card to anyone look to buy a home in this area!

Jennifer and Rod Kestler (Relocation from North Carolina to Atlanta – Purchased
in the Northcrest area of Atlanta)


I would highly recommend Thomas Ramon Realty to any of my friends or family looking to buy or sell a home in the metro Atlanta area. My wife and I worked primarily with Thom, but it was nice to know that Ray was also there to provide his assistance and expertise. Both Thom and Ray are very courteous and professional and I can’t say enough about Thom’s patience throughout our search for a new home.

Mark and Karyn
We Love The House Thom Found Us!”

With the economy in turmoil, we stopped and started our search several times as we worried about our jobs and ability to pay a new mortgage. Thom understood each time. Our search area changed from the Tucker area, to the Dunwoody area, until we finally settled on East Cobb. Thom understood each time. Although we often said it was unnecessary, Thom always previewed the houses we wanted to see, further proving his commitment to finding the best home for our needs.

Thom also provided the best housewarming present possible – a buyer for our Midtown condo when we were convinced we would be paying two mortgages for several months until the housing market rebounded.

Thanks, Thom, for a truly rewarding buying … and selling … xperience

Mark Haldane and Karyn Martini (Listed Cornerstone Village condo and purchased home in East Cobb)


Thom Abbott is a great real estate agent.

He had a contract on my condo within 4 weeks of it being put on the market, and this is during one of the worst real estate markets in our country’s history!

Here is what Thom did for me:

–Supplied extensive research data to accurately price the condo to the market

–Held multiple Open Houses to generate traffic

–Entertained other real estate agents at the condo during an “agent caravan” to
generate “buzz” for the property

–Negotiated with the Buyer Agent in a forceful, professional manner that always
kept communication flowing

–Resolved minor, bothersome issues for me in my absence from Atlanta

–Did whatever it took to sell the condo!

You will not regret signing with Thom. He will not waste your time, he will
protect your interests diligently, and most importantly – he will sell your condo for the best available price.

Mark Mercer, Kansas City, MO (Listed Spire Condominium For Sale)


“Midtown Atlanta Living at Spire!”

Thank you so much for the services you provided me in my search for my first home. I had spoken with a couple different REALTOR’s prior to running into you, but felt you provided the most knowledge about the Midtown area and condominium lifestyle I was about to begin.
I was especially appreciative of your laid back approach that allowed me to become comfortable with the idea of buying on my own, without feeling like I was being “sold”. Being my first time buying, I didn’t know what to expect. You made things so simple, as you were always in touch making sure the process was moving along.
You were working in regard to my best interests the entire time and were able to help me find a great place that was in my price range, and also get the Seller to cover the closing costs.
Thank you again for making the experience of buying a home so pain-free and

Ciro P.  (Purchased at Spire Condominium Midtown Atlanta)


As first time home buyers, we were in need of a REALTOR with experience and patience. Thom from Thomas Ramon Realty proved to be what we needed and more. His experience with the neighborhood of Midtown Atlanta was the catalyst in closing on your home with confidence before April and taking advantage of the first time home buyer’s tax credit.
His patience was tested when we experienced a hiccup in the middle of our shopping experience, which temporarily took us out of the market. He gave us no pressure to push forward and let us now he would be more than thrilled to continue when we were ready. It was his confidence in us that encouraged us to go back to him and in no time found the perfect place at a great price.
Our gratitude will be expressed henceforth by strongly recommending Thom and Thomas Ramon Realty to anyone looking to make a secure investment in the Midtown Atlanta housing market.

Garrett B. and Elena S. (Purchased at Plaza Midtown Atlanta)


Don and Peggy
“The View is Amazing!”

My husband, Don Jones and I are extremely happy to say we sold our townhouse at The Dakota Condominiums in Midtown Atlanta in 92 days in one of the most depressed real estate and stock markets in more than six years. Not only did it sell amazingly fast, it sold for 94% of our listing price!
One of the major contributing factors to our recent sales success was Thom Abbott and Ray Benitez of Thomas Ramon Realty. They have an amazing combination of skill sets: professionalism, sales, marketing, market savvy and negotiating. We strongly recommend them and would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.
Thom and Ray also handled the purchase of our new home at Viewpoint Midtown Condominiums which was complicated by our purchase of two units to be combined into one. At each step of the process, we received consistent and professional advice and ended up purchasing at a very favorable price.

Don Jones and Peggy Denby (Listed and Sold Dakota Condominiums and Purchased at Viewpoint Midtown)


It was late September, 2008. Sue and I were window shopping along Peachtree Street. It was not your normal window shopping because we were not looking at clothes or jewelry but at real estate listings. I had a home in Ohio to sell which was not yet on the market. I needed to sell the home before getting serious about buying a Midtown Atlanta condominium. So on that late September football Saturday morning we had
the pleasure of meeting Thom Abbott as we were window shopping at Morris and Raper Intown. Thus began a very pleasant and productive relationship.

Throughout the Fall, Thom gave us information about properties For Sale in the
area. Even though the Ohio house was not even on the market and we were not able to buy, Thom was very kind and very helpful in providing information. Thom’s website has a very nice property search function and is user friendly. During the winter, the Ohio house sold and we progressed from window shopping to seriously looking. Thom’s condo
hunting trips are outstanding and were a perfect mixture of properties which we saw on the Internet and other properties which he believed we might like. Thom took the time to preview properties and had the condo hunting trip very well organized.

Thom is well organized and very kind. The Midtown Atlanta condominium purchase was a very pleasant experience. The condominium we ended up with is just perfect for us. Thank you for a job well done, Thom!

Terry and Sue M (Purchased at Cornerstone Village — GATech Alumni)


BradKimberly and I want to thank you and Ray for all your help in our recent Atlanta real estate ventures.
We were impressed from day one with your excellent organization and professionalism. The booklet you prepared for us with the property photos and summaries was especially helpful when viewing multiple properties, more so since we were from out of town and would not have the opportunity to visit frequently.
Kimberly and I were also very happy with your assistance beyond closing. It’s obvious that your commitment did not end there, and we are grateful for the follow up you provided with our property even after we closed.
We would highly recommend you and Ray to any of our friends who would be interested in Atlanta real estate.

Kimberly and Brad G. (Purchased at Cornerstone Village, Spire Midtown, Viewpoint Midtown and Serrano Condominiums)


Thom and Ray were very proactive in helping me sell my condo in Midtown Atlanta. I previously had my place on the market for a year and I never got a single offer.
The second time around, I hired Thom to list my place because he seemed very knowledgeable of the InTown Atlanta market. He and Ray pulled out all the stops to get my place exposed to as many people as possible. They sent out promotional flyers, posted the listing on all major websites, and held numerous Open Houses.
I was out of town during this time so they kept me informed of progress through email and phone calls. I was surprised, given the staggering slack in home sales, how many people they actually got to come through the doors.
After a few months we had a buyer. Thom negotiated the price and took care of
all the contracts and paperwork, making the closing a hassle-free process. I was a first time home owner trying to unload a one bedroom condo in a troubled market; Thom and Ray were great partners to have on my side — I’d recommend these guys to anybody.

Kevin M ( Listed and Sold Cornerstone Village Condominium)



Thom Abbott

I'm a real estate broker living and selling the Midtown Atlanta lifestyle. From high rise condominiums to historic homes, I enjoy everything Midtown Atlanta has to offer. I'll help you find the right home in Midtown Atlanta or any of the other exciting Intown Atlanta communities that border the Midtown Area!

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Jul 31, 2012 by Don

My wife and I sold our house through a realty company that offers a low flat fee commission but little service. Luckily, Thom was the buyers' agent in the transaction. From a sellers perspective, he was easy to work with and did a good job of keeping us in the loop. Further, he ended up doing most of the work that our agent should have done. Needless to say, without him the deal would not have happened. I highly recommend him.

Jul 05, 2012 by Vlad Jaovanovic


I wanted to thank you, sincerely, for your exceptional service you provided with regards to not only placing a high quality tenant, but moreover, going above and beyond the realm of your role as a broker and acting as a \"general contractor\", overseeing the restoration and rehabilitation of significant unit damage, casued by a former tenant (nearly $4,000).

Most brokers would have probably walked away from the situtation we were presented with and/or would have had me work through the restoration piece on my own. You on the other hand, took on the challenge without question, acting with complete and total professionalism ( and optimism) all the way through. Not only did you help with the actual coordination of the various contractors and trades, but oversaw it to completion (end to end). Also, you offered very credible, proactive suggestions on various aspects of the unit (appliances, warranties, precautionary measures, safe guards, etc) that I will be acting on.
Without your help, I would have, without question, spent significantly more time and money bringing the unit back to showing condition, I appreciate your efforts in helping me keep restoration and rehab costs as low as possible.

You came highly recommended and now I understand why.

Again, thank you for all that you\'ve done and I look forward to working with you in the future.


My Midtown Mojo , USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 My wife and I sold our house through a realty company that offers a low flat fee commission but little service. Luckily, Thom was the buyers' agent in the transaction. From a sel