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And this is the place to find them!!! This page will be updated everytime I’mĀ asked a question that someone else might also have. The links below, are columns I’ve written based on questions I’ve had.

Do you have a question? Not answered here? Just fill out the form below with your question, and I’ll answer it, and it will also be a featured post her on my Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers! Real Estate Buyer FAQ’s!

Why Do I have to be Pre-Approved With a Lender

Pre Approved Mortgage Loan (Updated March, 2014!)

What are HOA Fees and What Do They Cover

How Many Parking Spaces Will I Have

Why Do Condo HOA’s Have Fines

What is Earnest Money

Who Does the Closing Attorney Represent

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need In a Condo

Condo Living – Insurance Matters

I’m Going to Buy My Condo and Rent It Out

What Forms Are Used When I Buy A Condo or Single Family Home?

What are FOB’s – Frequency Operated Button

The Community Association Disclosure –What You Need to Know About Your HOA Fees When You Buy



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