Where Do I Report A Burned Out Street Light in Atlanta?

Now that the time has changed, it gets dark really early in Atlanta. Like by 6pm….IT’S DARK!

Atlanta Street Light repairsSo you are out for a walk with Fido and there it is…..a burned out street light! Where Do I Report A Burned Out Street Light in Atlanta?

That early darkness makes it more apparent when a street light goes out. Seeing problems with the sidewalk and the lack of light can make you feel uncomfortable.  Atlanta Police will always advise that you not walk alone after dark, and if you do see a street light that has been damaged or gone out report it immediately to Department of Public Works (DPW). 

The Customer Service Center (CSC) is your first source to report concerns in the public right of way (i.e. potholes, trash pickup, street lights, traffic signals, metal plates, etc.) and or provide feedback on our services. You may contact the CSC directly at (404) 330-6333 or via email to: publicworks@atlantaga.gov.  The CSC is available Monday – Friday, 8:15 am – 5:00 pm. 

Be safe and report any concerns to DPW or the Atlanta Police Department.

Thom Abbott

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  1. says

    Excellent consumer information…the funny thing is, if you took a straw poll, I wonder how many of us would have gotten the answer wrong. Working street lights are one of those things we take for granted. 😉

  2. Rick D says

    Point of clarification: The city only services street lights on metal poles.

    Street lights on the older wooden poles are serviced by Georgia Power

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